Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adventures in Kitty Adoptions, Day 22

The big news today is that the kitties now have permanent names! The kitty formerly known as "Black" is George and "Blue" will henceforth and forever be called Shadow.

My mother-in-law was concerned that we would be so used to calling them "Black" and "Blue" that they would only answer to that. But, I don't usually use those monikers unless I am talking ABOUT them. When I address the kitties, I say baby, kitty, punkin, sugar, sweetie, or something like that.

I mentioned in a previous post that we had decided to call one of the cats "George" long ago due to the Bugs Bunny cartoon (link here) and my favorite football player. But, the deciding factor in naming Smidgen, aka Black, "George" was that he is a Curious George, with his nose in anything. And he is somewhat wild, so I will often break into a chorus of "George of the Jungle" as he is racing through the house.

Butterball, aka Blue was a harder one to name. We tossed around many names. He was almost a Charles after my hubby's favorite football player. And I kind of liked funny names like "Catty Wompus" or "TOMba Hali," if he must be named after a Chiefs' player. But, they didn't really fit his personality. Shadow had a nice ring to it and since he likes to hide and also follows me around, it fit him.

And so, Smidgen and Butterball, who became Black and Blue (in name only!), have now become George and Shadow!

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