Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Adventures in Kitty Adoptions, Days 5 & 6

Butterball has found a new place to lay down. Instead of the bottom of the stairs, he found a few towels that we had folded on the garage shelf and decided that was much more comfortable than the concrete stairs. Smidgen has taken to laying on top of the workbench behind Scott's toolbox.

They are both interested in the kitchen door. And instead of being afraid of the automatic litterbox, Smidgen is very intrigued by it. As soon as it starts, he runs over to check it out.

Scott tried to bribe them both with chicken nuggets the other night. Smidgen took it willingly, but Butterball was really afraid for some reason and would only lick it.

Yesterday morning when I went to check on them, I found some kitty barf on the floor. Smidgen has been acting as though he were hacking up a hairball. After I fed them, Butterball ate a little and then threw it up on the floor. Later when I went out there, there were 3 large piles of barfed up food. I am starting to be concerned about Butterball's health. His one eye still seems to have some goo in it and he squints that eye. We are thinking about calling the humane society we got him from because the lady said that if the boys had any health problems, they would take care of it. The food I got for them is indoor formula, so it is supposed to help with hairballs. I also bought some kitty treats that have hairball meds in it. Smidgen loves them and wanted more then his recommended daily allowance, but I could only get Butterball to eat one, instead of the 5 needed for full treatment.

Both of the boys were extremely lovable and Butterball tried to follow me in the kitchen door. It's odd for him to be so hot on my heels, but it's good that he's coming around.

We gave both of the boys collars. Smidgen has a black one with rhinestones and Butterball has a blue one. That should make it easier for everyone to tell them apart since the brothers look so similar. I can easily tell them apart. Butterball has a round face, whereas Smidgen has a long, thin face. Smidgen's black stripe on his back is wider and longer than Butterball's stripe.

Smidgen actually jumped up in my lap and rolled all over me. I laughed and told him his silly self was going to fall off. Sure enough, he fell off the chair. One thing I find funny about them is that they love to have their bellies rubbed. Scott doesn't find it weird, but I have never had a cat that enjoyed that.

Tune in next time for more adventures in kitty adoptions. Until then....

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