Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adventures in Kitty Adoptions, Days 11-13

We decided to let the kitties in yesterday since the weather is getting colder and they are increasingly curious about the kitchen door. We still haven't cut the hole in the door--correction: my husband hasn't cut the hole in the door. His version is that he hasn't helped ME cut the hole in the door. He doesn't think the garage door being open makes that much difference, but I say it is COLD. Think I will have to turn the heat on later. Door cutting will have to wait until Thursday now, since he has to work tomorrow. Anyways, I digress.

When we opened the door, they cautiously came in. They were checking out the kitchen, but my husband called to me and when I turned to walk in the other room, they scattered. Then we couldn't coax them back in for anything. We left the door open, but they didn't return until that evening when the kids went to bed. Billy had been messing around and I went to check on him. When I came back, I smelled something stinky, so I went to clean the litter box. I saw Black, but not Blue. All of a sudden, he came strolling out of the kitchen like he owned the place. Funny, because he usually leaves it to his brother to check things out and then follows once the coast is clear. They both came in then and checked out the kitchen, living room, dining room, the hall, and our bedroom. They were so funny. I don't think their necks could stretch any farther, their bellies sink any lower, or their eyes get any wider.

Today, they really made themselves at home in the house, until the kids came home, then it was back to the garage. While they were inside exploring, I shot the first video. Black has gotten under our bed twice. The second time, I told my hubby he was there, so he shook the bed because he didn't want him under there. Nothing happened. He shook it again. Still nothing. He said, "He must have sneaked out when you weren't looking." I swore he hadn't. I went looking around the house and couldn't find either of them. I searched twice. No sign of kitties. So, I got my laptop and went to sit on the couch in the living room. As soon as I sat down, I heard the jingling of a kitty collar and a cat scrambling to get out from under the recliner seat I was sitting in, then racing around the back of the couches and out in the open. Blue had apparently climbed under the recliner from the back. Later, we were looking again for Black under the bed. I was peering under the recliner at the end of the bed and saw a shadow, heard my hubby say, "There he is," and then felt kitty paws running across my feet. I screamed because it startled me.

The two boys played for a while today. I have not seen them play together since we got them. They play with us, but not together. Black was playing with the crinkle tunnel when Blue suddenly sprang and jumped on him. It was so out of the blue, I couldn't help but laugh. So, I grabbed the camera and took the second video of them playing. Later, after I had turned the camera off, Black decided to pull a slick one on his brother. Whenever he says, "mow," his brother comes running to check him out. It must be the way that he calls him. So, Black was hiding at the end of the couch and said, "mow." Blue was on the couch, getting petted, but when he heard his brother, he jumped down and cautiously went over. As soon as he was within sight, Black pounced him.

I heard back from the lady at the humane society. She said to try giving them Kit-N-Kaboodle because that was what they were fed exclusively. However, I have not found any kitty puke in about 36 hours, so maybe they are doing better.

They enjoyed a nice moist chunky kitty food treat today. Scott bribed them and they promptly stuck their faces in the bowl. Black hardly came up for air, he enjoyed it so much. I am glad they are happier and more at ease with each passing day.

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