Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adventures in Kitty Adoptions, Days 14-21

Thing One and Thing Two (ha ha) are settling into the house nicely. I am the Pied Piper of Hamlin, as the kitties follow me around everywhere I well as weaving around my legs and tripping me as I walk. My husband observed this one night and said, "Man, they are attached to you!" Sometimes I end up with both kitties in my lap or one on my lap and one on my shoulder or around my neck. I have always said that there is something about me that kitties like. My husband was slightly jealous because even with treats, he could not lure them away from me. I have spent lots of time cultivating trust with them. However, he was tickled last night when "Black" jumped up in his lap and stayed a while. Then, later, when he was laying in bed, Black jumped up there and licked his face. Today, "Blue" rubbed all over his legs and stretched his paw up on Scott's legs several times, wanting to be petted. Scott said, "Okay, you both can stay!" Ha, ha!

If Black is not in my lap, he is usually in my office chair, one of our recliners, or our bed. My mother-in-law has a plaque that says, "If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat." Black is proving that to be true. Blue hides behind the couch most of the day, which is better than the bottom of the concrete basement stairs. But, he comes out when the kids aren't home or are asleep and wanders around or sits with me.

Kimberly had a great idea for introducing the cats to Jesse (the border collie). We put up the portable kennel in the dining room and then let the cats approach Jesse without the fear that he could get at them. Black walked right up to the kennel and got nose to nose with Jesse. Jesse averted his eyes at first, but then barked, which scared them and they ran. He calmed down after that and Black boldly walked around the kennel multiple times. Blue would freeze in the kitchen and stare. I finally picked him up and carried him into the bedroom, where he froze and stared at the kennel. Scott went with him and he cautiously went towards the kennel. It was cute--as long as we were there with him, he went close to the kennel. But later, they were playing and got near the kennel and Jesse jumped up suddenly and startled them and they took off. I think Jesse is more afraid of them. He turns his head to avoid eye contact and goes to the back of the kennel. We'll keep trying until they get used to each other. You can't undo thousands of years of species animosity overnight!

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