Monday, October 10, 2011

Adventures in Kitty Adoptions, Days 3 & 4

Well, kitty assimilation seems to be going well. Smidgen has no problems coming out to greet us and asking for love. In fact, as soon as we come into the garage, he comes out almost immediately. Butterball is doing better, but is still slow to come out.

Scott went out to visit with them Saturday and put Smidgen in his lap. He was enjoying the petting and rubbed his face on Scott's when out of the blue, he bit Scott right on the nose. I know he doesn't mean to hurt, but we have GOT to break him of this habit. Scott tied a long string to a catnip mouse and used it to "fish" for Smidgen.

I got Smidgen to jump up in my lap twice, but he doesn't stay but a few seconds. Neither of them like being held at this point. If I pick them up and put them in my lap, they immediately get down. Smidgen will struggle if I try to hold him. Butterball will sit if I hold him, but he isn't relaxed and as soon as I let go, he leaves as quick as he can. I usually don't try to force them, but when taking Jesse to and fro the back door and the kitchen for his food, I put them in their carrier to minimize their stress at this juncture. Butterball has a tendency to hide at the bottom of the stairs and since he is slow to come, I have to go down and get him. I try to hold him for a minute and comfort him, but often he is trembling. When he sees me heading towards him, he flattens himself to the ground.

During times when we are not transporting Jesse back and forth, Butterball still hides, but after I sit out there petting Smidgen for a while, he comes investigating. I think he's jealous. He approaches me and arches his back to be petted. Last night, I tried to persuade him to jump in my lap. He stretched his paw up on my leg, but wouldn't jump up. Still, it's progress from the constant hiding. I hate that he seems so fearful most of the time. I'm glad he will eventually come to me and want petted, but I feel bad that when I am standing or coming towards him that he is so afraid. I usually sit on the floor and he apparently finds that less intimidating.

Smidgen has this weird quirk of acting like he's digging before he takes a drink of water. It's quite cute, but I can't figure out why he does it. The first night, he actually put his paw in the water, like he was digging.

Last night, Smidgen was racing around the garage like a maniac. His brother was watching him like he was possessed. I got out the catnip mouse on a string and played with them. Butterball even dared to play and got really into it.

Smidgen is getting really curious about the kitchen door, so we may let them in the house soon, if they continue to do as well as they have been.

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