Saturday, October 15, 2011

Adventures in Kitty Adoptions, Days 9 & 10

I am now concerned with both kitties' health. Blue is still throwing up and having diarrhea (he threw up in the carrier this morning--at least I am assuming it is him). And we discovered that Black has been scratching at his collar so much that he has left a bald patch with irritated bumps under it. I wondered if he was allergic to it, but I am hoping that he is just unfamiliar with wearing a collar and will get used to it. Going to try a different cat food and see if that helps Blue. If it doesn't, I am going to contact the woman at the Humane Society because she said they would stand behind their pets and help with medical care, if needed.

Blue has decided he sort of likes Arrena. He has become my favorite. He responds best to me, but he is now seeking out Arrena too. I wonder if it is because we look a lot alike or if it's because he can tell that she is calmer than the others.

We've bought them some toys that I am anxious to see them try out. Scott is going to put together the cat jungle gym that I talked about in a previous post. And I found them a "crinkle tunnel". My friend Elizabeth's cats play in one of the kids play tunnels and have a BLAST with it. This one has the crinkle sound that kitties love and is lighted. Oooooh! Not sure why it needs lighting, but oh well, it was on sale. And we had been intrigued by a remote controlled mouse that we saw. It was on sale too, so we bought it and it was so much fun to play with them with it. Here's a video to illustrate my point: (Blue is in the litter box at the beginning of the video, so that is the scratching sound you hear.)

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