Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lessons a 3-year-old teaches you, part 1

Okay, my husband will kill me if he knows I am publishing this on the web (he said if I told another living soul, he would deny it), but it is such a funny story that I have to tell it.

In the baby section of the store, they have these little containers of snacks. I'm not sure what you call them--they look like pieces of cereal and they are flavored cheese, apple, mango, etc. I had bought some for my 3-year-old son because, for some reason, he likes them. Anyways, I guess while I was at work last night, Billy was eating some and he fed some to his daddy. My husband said they were nasty tasting, but he ate them anyways to make Billy happy. He asked Billy, "do you have any more?" Billy nodded and reached into the front of his diaper and pulled out some more! My husband said he literally gagged. I, however, found it frickin' hilarious! I laughed until I cried.

Moral of this story? Never eat anything a toddler hands you. You have NO idea where it has been.

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