Friday, February 27, 2015

Cruise Log Part 4: Are We There Yet?

Monday the 8th, another sea day, Scott was sick.  Seemed like allergies, but it was enough that he rescheduled his massage and stayed in bed.  I had my facial scheduled, so I went down to the spa.  I was getting a microdermabrasion/oxygen thing, hoping to get rid of my dark spots.  However, I didn't see a noticeable change.  The commercial part of the procedure was trying to get me to buy $800 worth of facial care products.  Sheesh!

I went down the the Garden Cafe to eat a bit of breakfast.  Then I went back to the spa for my last appointment, a hot stone massage.  I was hoping I would get someone different than the girl I'd had the first night, since she really hurt me, but that's who they gave me.  However, the hot stones were much more soothing and relaxing.  I always pictured the standard photo of hot stone massage: a woman with several stones lined up on her spine.  However, I found that they keep several round smooth stones in hot water.  She oils you up really well and then rubs the stones on your body until they start to lose their heat, then she puts them back and gets more out.  This chick was kind of bugging me because both times, she was getting extremely close to crossing the line of areas that I did NOT want to be massaged.  Massages at my chiropractor are thorough, but they cover you and ensure your dignity at every turn.  Maybe it's an international thing.  I had a Slovakian friend that didn't understand personal space.  I like that all of the ship's employees wear nametags that include their country of origin.  It's nice to see where they all come from and how amazing to see all these nationalities together.  Several in the spa were from Mauritania.

After the massage, I went to the Garden Cafe and filled up a plate and went back to our room.  I had books and crocheting to keep me entertained while Scott slept.

In the evening, I had seen in our daily newsletter that there was a class to teach the Thriller dance.  They were going to have an 80s party the next night, with fireworks, so they wanted to have a flash mob dance to Thriller.  That sounded like fun, so I went down and learned the moves.  I am not the most graceful and I do not have rhythm, but I still like to dance.  There were even older ladies in this class, so I didn't feel too silly.

They had a rule that you were not allowed to bring personal hair driers or fans on the ship.  However, I didn't get this memo before and there was no way I was going to go without my hair drier, so I smuggled it on board and kept it hidden.  They had a built in hair drier, but I use one with a brush attachment, so I have to have mine.  I was using it and apparently put too much load on the breaker and blew it.  They got the electricity back, but we lost the TV until the next day.  They never came out and asked me what caused it, but they mentioned that it sometimes happens with hair driers.  So, for the rest of the trip, I kept my hair drying short so I wouldn't blow the breaker again.  We had one plug in in the entire room, so we had to alternate charging phones, my camera battery, our laptops, and using my hair dryer.

We got room service for dinner and watched a movie in our room (I think we had to watch it on the laptop, since I wrecked the TV).

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