Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cruise Log Part 3: Sailing, Sailing Over the Ocean Blue!

Sunday the 7th was a whole day at sea.  I woke up and hadn't slept well at all.  On our last cruise, I had slept like a rock.  We opened the balcony door and listened to the sound of the water and got the breeze off the ocean and the rocking of the ship, instead of making me sick, lulled me to sleep.  However, this ship is equipped with electrical shut offs.  First, you had to have your key card in a slot to have any electricity at all.  As soon as you take it out, the lights and power all go out.  Second, if your balcony door is open, the air conditioning shut off.  It was a little too warm to go without any air conditioning so we didn't get to sleep with the balcony door open.

I went down to the spa to get my mani-pedi and then my conditioning treatment.  The manicurist talked me into an upgrade on one of the services, which apparently threw off the pricing.  Again, it was a commercial, with them trying to sell me expensive oils and such.  "It's affordable because since you only use a couple of drops, the bottle lasts a long time.  You can use it on your whole body and your hair too!"  At least the deep conditioning wasn't a commercial.  She didn't try to sell me anything.  Though, I don't see that it made a bit of difference on my hair.  I figured out that they were double charging me.  They had charged our room account when we initially made the appointments, then I found that the individual employees were charging me again at the end of every service.  So, I had the front desk at the spa trying to figure all that out and subtract charges.

We had lunch at O'Sheehan's, which is sort of like a sports pub that has burgers and stuff.  We went to Teppanyaki for dinner.  Teppanyaki was our favorite on the last cruise.  It was still good, but not as good as we remembered.  One of the chefs came out and was getting started when another chef came over and said he had the wrong table, so they switched around.  We had "THAT" guy at our table.  The eternally single guy that talks way too much that you fear will either try to sell you insurance or get you involved in a pyramid scheme or try to talk to you about his cult.  We had another couple at our table that we ran into often on the ship and were friendly with.

After dinner, we had our pictures taken by the photographers stationed around the ship.  Then we went back to our room and watched a video.

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