Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Twas the Night After Thanksgiving

'Twas the night after Thanksgiving and all through the home,
Not a creature was thankful for the blessings they'd been shown.
The leftovers were tossed in the fridge without care,
In the dread that turkey sandwiches would long be found there.

The children were nestled in grandma's spare beds,
While visions of Christmas toys danced in their heads.
And grandma wept quietly at the disastrous meal
But, no one in the house cared how she feels.

Jim brought his new girlfriend, wife and kids left behind.
Jerry had been drinking and kept speaking his mind.
Debbie picked fights and George stormed out
Uncle Phil sat all day, talking about his gout.

Bobby and Charlie didn't come to dinner at all.
They pitched a tent outside of the mall.
For Black Friday shopping, they must be first in line.
To get a deal on an iPad, they gave up family time.

John is in Iraq, serving his country with pride,
Junior stayed at home, brushing his family aside.
"They're ridiculous and embarrassing, I can't believe we're related.
I'd rather stay home and watch football," he stated.

No one was happy, they all complained.
The food was treated with utter disdain.
The stuffing's too wet, the turkey's too dry.
"You didn't fix my favorite, grandma, why?"

The grandkids ran screaming from room to room,
The little ones broke a window with a broom.
The teenagers reeked of more than just smoke
And knocked over grandpa's handmade clock, which broke.

The kids ran unchecked and out of control
They were rude and impolite and mean to little Nicole.
The older ones barely spoke a word all day,
They just kept their phones in their hands, texting away.

Though it was now midnight, Molly and Abigail were ready to go
Heading for lines and sales to save lots of dough.
Forgetting to help out other families in need,
Buying more toys to feed their spoiled kids' greed.

When up in the heavens, there arose such a clatter,
Yet all were so self-centered, it didn't seem to matter.
When all of His good and perfect gifts are ignored,
You should know in a moment, it must be the Lord.

And then, in a twinkling, life will pass by in a jerk.
He spoke many words, now we should get straight to work.
He was heard to exclaim as he rose out of sight,
"Be thankful in all and love your neighbor day and night."

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