Monday, August 4, 2008

Okay, so maybe it was MY PMS that pushed me over the edge, but it hasn't gotten any better...

I contacted the superintendent of the Derby schools and he basically just said that the time in the school is only considered when you are applying for a transfer and still live in the Derby school district. When you are in another school district, it basically amounts to nothing--you are no different than anyone else applying to attend. Totally unfair, huh? So, we hit a dead end. The REALLY great (sarcasm) thing is that I researched the school that the girls will go to and am NOT impressed. The scores are much lower and the school is mostly low income students. One of the forms I downloaded to fill out for admission was a permission slip to be able to give the students (all grade levels) information about HIV/AIDS. Can you believe that? I'm sorry, but I don't think my first and second graders need that information and if they did, I would give it to them. Well, think about it--what are the ways that HIV is transmitted? Shared needles (haven't seen too many first and second graders shooting up, and if they are, that's a parent problem!), unprotected sex (again, first and second graders? If so, where are the PARENTS?), blood transfusions (which is regulated now)--are there any others I've missed? It's extremely rare for HIV to be contracted through cuts or injuries, so I don't see the point of telling small children these things. Just another red flag for the quality of this school.

So, then when Chris heard all of this, he wanted to move. I don't want my children in that school either. I want them in their old school as much as he does, but I am just not sure if we can swing a sudden move! There's the cost involved, plus it's not the best time--school starting, family reunion/vacation to Oklahoma, and the party we are hosting for Chris' foster parents. Not to mention, are there any decent houses in the area? We looked into private school a couple of years ago and I refreshed my memory--it would cost over $700 a month to send the girls to either of the bigger Christian schools in the area.

Stress level just elevated! But, Chris calmed down and said they would just have to tough out the year and maybe we can find a house to move to in the next year. And, he added, he would be all over the teachers and principal to make sure that the girls are receiving a good education this year.

My stomach is all in knots and I am still so angry about all of this. I just pray that this year doesn't ruin anything, that Arrena doesn't regress from the progress she's made. It took a lot of effort last year on the part of her teacher, her reading lab teacher, and me to get her to the point where she could move on from first to second grade. I guess I am going to have to step up wherever the school fails. I hope I am ready for the challenge. I pray for strength and wisdom....

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