Friday, August 2, 2013

Nissen Fundoplication: 3 weeks post-op

This week started off bad but has ended up pretty good.

Friday, I tried eating some cheese to combat the diarrhea, since yogurt and rice and applesauce and Fiber One bars and Imodium wasn't helping.  The cheese didn't help.  I was getting tired of food with no flavor so I tried some tuna and put some squirt cheese on my crackers.  Yum.

Saturday brought more cheese, applesauce, Fiber One bars, and yogurt and then I added an energy ball.  I got the recipe from Facebook--it contains peanut butter, honey, oats, chocolate chips, and ground flaxseed.  Thought that would add even more fiber, but the diarrhea continued.

Sunday, I was really starting to feel the dehydration.  I was getting dizzy, especially getting up from a sitting position, had a headache, my muscles ached, and occasionally I felt my heart racing.  So, decided to do only fluids all day.  I drank water, a little bit of grape and apple juices, Boost, and broth.  I wasn't even hungry.  I felt really drained, so I laid on the couch most of the day.  My BFF came by with her children to visit (they moved quite a ways away).  We had planned on going out for lunch, but her plans changed, so I went home after church and laid down and started my fluids day.  They came over later.  I wasn't much company since I felt horrible and was grumpy.  But, it was good to see her.  She recently had bariatric surgery and understands.

Monday, my husband (a paramedic) came home from work with two IV bags, just in case he needed to get me rehydrated.  I decided to try to take my enzymes.  I used to use this powdered enzyme in my Sunny D to help with diarrhea (I have chronic diarrhea.  Working diagnosis is IBS, but my gastroenterologist wants to investigate it further once the other end is taken care of).  Then I started taking a capsule called Digestzyme before my meals to help.  However, it's a large capsule and there's no way I could get it down.  So, I decided on the powder.  I had been avoiding citrus, per suggestions I read online, but Sunny D is the only thing that seems to work well with the powder.  So, I had some of that first thing and it didn't seem to help immediately.  I made crockpot white chili for my family for dinner.  It smelled so good and I wanted it so bad!  But, it has two different kinds of beans in it, so I was sure that wouldn't be a good idea.  So, I took out a chunk of chicken and ate that.  It was so good, I ate it too fast and I felt it stuck and thought I was going to regurgitate it, but I managed to get it down.

Tuesday, I didn't eat much, but we did go out to eat.  For dinner, I talked them into IHOP because I could get scrambled eggs and yummy Cinn-a-stack pancakes.  Then after that, we went to a park by a lake and had a good time.  The great news was that I didn't have any diarrhea for the first time since I came home from the hospital!!!

Wednesday, I took the enzymes again.  I took the kids to to mall because Kimberly had birthday money she wanted to spend and her birthday was literally a month ago.  I also knew I needed to start doing some walking and build up some stamina before vacation.  I was worried though since I am constantly thirsty and concerned about diarrhea.  I had to stop several times to sit and rest because I was tired and sweating, but I made it.  I had thought about taking a walk around the neighborhood that evening, but I was pretty tired and I had to run Arrena back and forth to church, so I decided not to.  For the second day in a row, I didn't have diarrhea!  Progress!  So different from Sunday, only three days prior!

Thursday, more enzymes and yogurt and such.  I barbecued burgers for my family and was able to eat half of one.  I don't know when it happened, but I am able to drink more than just a few sips and I seem to be able to eat a little faster than I was.  I even ate some cashews.  I was hesitant because nuts usually cause me more diarrhea, but they tasted so good.  They didn't lose their flavor after chewing them thoroughly.  We ran some errands, so I was out walking and in and out for most of the afternoon, which wore me out.  I had a semi-solid BM and then more diarrhea.

I've been freaking the kids out with the internal stitches that have worked their way to the surface, making them touch it and totally grossing Arrena out by pulling on it!  I have one sticking out that is a loop.  I was able to pull one out, but the other three that I see are still a little too uncomfortable if I pull on them too much.

I am so happy and thankful that I seem to be making progress.  I am going to continue to try walking and maybe some exercising to build up my endurance.  We are contemplating two days of Silver Dollar City during our camping vacation, so I need to get ready for that.  At this point all that walking in the heat scares me.  Plus, worrying about diarrhea.  Praying the progress continues!

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Kimberly said...

I've been praying for you! Glad to hear that you are finally seeing improvements. Miss you and love you!