Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why I Have Blue Hair

Some may wonder why I decided to add two blue streaks to my hair recently, as this is something I have never done before. Somewhat out of character for me. I have dyed my hair various shades of "normal" over the years, but never any unnatural colors. Not that I have anything against people with brightly dyed hair, it just never struck my fancy. Until a couple of months ago.

We were watching TV one night, I believe an episode of White Collar. One of the characters on the show had the most beautiful shade of blue streaks in her hair. My husband asked me why I had never done anything like that to my hair before. I said I didn't know. But, I couldn't get that color out of my head. It was so beautiful and I am a sucker for blue, in the right shades. And why had I never done that before? For that matter, why couldn't I do it now? It's only semi-permanent and it wasn't like I wanted a tattoo or anything. So, I called my friend Elizabeth and asked her if she would help me, since she liked to dye her hair from time to time.

Our first attempt didn't turn out that great. The dye we bought was called Ultra Violet, but the hair sample on the shelf showed a deep cobalt blue. Sure enough, though, the dye was purple and turned my hair lavender. Plus, it washed out in four days. I took the dye back and traded it for a different brand that was labeled Cobalt Blue. Elizabeth bleached the two sections behind my ears (and also a couple of wisps that frame my face, so I'd have just a bit lighter streaks for summer). Then she put on the blue dye. After we washed it off, it was like an aqua shade, so she put it back on twice more. Then I put it on three more times when I was at home. Still think it may need one more coat, but it is definitely darker and very close to the shade I want.

I joked that I did this before my surgery so that they wouldn't mix me up with another patient and give me a colonoscopy or amputate my leg by mistake, but it wouldn't have mattered anyways since they put a cap on me, covering my hair. Really, I dyed it because I love color. One of my fetishes is nail polish. I love to buy radical, bright nail polish. Why not bring my love of color into my hair? Another reason I did it was just to try something new, since I had never done it before. Also, I like to be different. I used to try to fit in with everyone when I was younger, but the older I get, the more I just don't care what people think. This makes me happy. When my hubby and I went to the KC Chiefs v. Tennessee Titans football game, I absolutely LOVED wearing my blue Titans gear into that vast sea of red! I loved being different, going against the crowd! Finally, I dyed my hair as a statement. People have first impressions of me. This proves that you can't judge a book by its' cover. You may have thought you had me figured out, but then I go and surprise you. I like blasting perceptions!

My daughters were dead-set against me doing this. They complained that I am too old for this. It doesn't matter that one of their teachers at school dyes her hair, or that one of their Awana directors (the friend who dyed mine) dyes her hair. I am their mom and they didn't want me to do it. But, after it was done, they decided they really like it. Six-year-old Billy loves it because it's his favorite color. Eight-year-old Kimberly says it's really beautiful. And ten-year-old Arrena is coming around to it. She hasn't actually made any positive comments about it, but seems interested and not exasperated. She even asked me if I would put some of my dye on her hair for crazy hair day at school. My husband said it was my hair and I could do what I wanted to with it. He now goes around singing, "Am I blue?" So, if my immediate family can get used to it, then I guess everyone else can learn to like it. Not many have commented on it, but I did get one strange look at church last week. It's still the same me I have always been, just being a little more myself on the outside.

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