Friday, December 18, 2009

Travel Whining...

Everyone expects me to be the strong one. I have held it together by a thin thread through so much crap (see next 3 posts below). I have delivered newspapers 365 days a year for 6 years in weather you can't imagine in sickness and in health, in labor and in post-op. I have lived through so many things that I think people often think I am invincible and nothing daunts me. How, then, when you have that kind of expectation to live up to, do you admit that you are scared and nervous and need something from someone?

My fiance and I got married on Monday (more on that later). Today is Friday. He had long ago planned to take a trip to California with his mom to visit her sister. He hadn't planned on having a wife and step-kids. He didn't want to leave us, so he bought us tickets to go along, but wasn't able to get us on the same flight. He felt so guilty, sending me off with the 3 kids alone while they traveled in first class. How could I confess to him that I was scared myself? So, I blew it off. "Oh, no big deal! I can handle my kids! No different than any other situation."

We got on our plane just fine, made our connection and thought everything was fine. When we landed in Sacramento, we found that his plane had been late, he had missed his connection, and had been re-routed to Washington DC and wouldn't arrive until 8 hours later. We have a 3 1/2 hour drive to his aunt and uncle's house and we were going to take a rental car together. However, they wouldn't let me pick up his rental car because I haven't changed any of my ID yet to reflect my new married name. So, we thought I could rent a car for the day and take the kids out of the airport at least and find something to entertain them until they arrived. Despite the fact that there is plenty of money in the bank account, they refused my card based on a credit report! So, I am sitting here in the airport, 5 hours after we landed, trying to entertain the kids. I have been coming down with a cold, so I don't feel good in the first place, I haven't been sleeping good for a while, and now I have been getting a migraine all day. I feel awful and I am short-tempered. The kids are tired, bored, and short-tempered.

Scott's uncle will be here soon to pick us up, though. We will have to make the 3 1/2 hour drive to their house, but Scott and his mom won't be in until close to midnight. I am sure they will be exhausted as we got up at 4am. I'm thinking we all will need a vacation from our vacation...but the vacation hasn't even started yet!!! Reporting live from the Sacramento airport...

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