Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy...{shakes head}

Kimmy, who is rarely shy and often speaks her mind, has gotten into the humiliating habit of talking to or yelling at people we pass in the car. The car that we are currently borrowing doesn't have a working air conditioner, so the windows stay down so we don't melt in the Kansas heat and humidity. Generally, her comments are limited to "hi!" or "what's up?" Last night the kids and I went to Botanica for a school outing with Billy's preschool. We had had a good time and I decided to take the long way home, driving alongside the river. The kids had been shrieking about a spider crawling on the back of my seat, so I was turned around facing them as we waited at a stoplight. As I was looking in Kimmy's direction, she suddenly screamed out, extremely loudly, "Hey! Nice back!" I jumped, as this was so out of the blue and completely unexpected, as she had given no prior indication that a holler would ensue. It took me a minute to figure out why she was yelling. I whirled around, scanning the near vicinity of the car and spotted a man standing on the bridge to our left, fishing. And indeed, he had no shirt on. It was hilarious and mortifying at the same time. If the man heard, he gave no indication that he had. Arrena and I burst into embarrassed laughter, incredulous at Kimmy's gall. I was near tears, I was laughing so hard. However, my face was red and that light couldn't turn green fast enough! Let me just say that it is nearly impossible to berate a child for screaming at some random person out the car window, when you are choking back hysterical snorts of laughter.

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