Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silly Billy

Billy has been struggling with speaking for quite a while. He is very smart and observant. He understands words and he can string together sentences, he is just unintelligible a lot of the time. He can't pronounce words correctly or articulate. He gets very frustrated when people don't understand him and often quits, saying, "Nevermind." His sisters and I often translate for him, but sometimes, even we can't understand him. I took him to a screening and subsequent speech testing and he is in a severe at-risk category, so they are putting him in some speech therapy. Today, he was trying to tell me something and I wasn't understanding him. He has gotten to where he often says, "Look in my eyes," thinking that will make us understand him. This time, he told me to say it with him. I tried, but wasn't getting it. When I finally got it, he said, "You need to listen to me when I say something. Allright? Allright. Thank you." It was so funny coming out of a three-year-old. He cannot grasp the concept that it is HIM. He honestly thinks that we are just not listening to him! Poor baby!

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